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Nausea and vomiting. Convulsions (involuntary contraction and twitching of the muscles). Headache. The development of a sharp and intense pain syndrome is characteristic. Possibly impaired coordination (staggering gait, loss of Zyloprim).

Throbbing inside the head, feeling of heaviness or constriction. hallucinations. Confusion of Allopurinol. Fainting. Decreased visual acuity and hearing. Numbness of the limbs or certain parts of the body. Memory impairment. Noise in ears. Tremor of hands and head. Sleep disturbance. Speech disorder. Development of paralysis and paresis.

With the progression of the disease, cerebral symptoms develop, which are associated with secondary hydrocephalus (impaired CSF outflow). With a cyst of the frontal lobe, the following symptoms can develop: decrease in intellectual level; talkativeness; gait disturbance; speech becomes slurred; lips are drawn out in the form of a tube.

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With an arachnoid cyst of the cerebellum, the following symptoms are noted: muscle hypotension; violations of the vestibular apparatus; unsteadiness of gait; involuntary eye movements; development of paralysis. It is worth noting that a cerebellar cyst can be quite a dangerous neoplasm.

An arachnoid neoplasm at the base of the brain can provoke the development of such signs: impaired functioning of the organs of vision; strabismus; inability to move the eyes.

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Congenital arachnoid formation in children can cause the following symptoms: fontanel pulsation; decreased tone of the limbs; disoriented look; profuse regurgitation after feeding.

Arachnoid cyst of the posterior cranial fossa provokes the development of Allopurinol pills signs: persistent headache; paralysis of one half of the body; mental disorders; frequent and severe convulsions.

During a routine examination by a doctor, it is impossible to detect an arachnoid tumor. Symptoms can only indicate the development of pathological formations, therefore, it will be the reason for conducting a hardware examination:

Allow to determine the presence of a cyst, assess its size, localization. Angiography with contrast.

Helps to exclude the presence of malignant tumors - cancer is able to accumulate contrast agents. Blood test for infections. Determination of the level of cholesterol in the bloodstream. Doppler ultrasound, which allows you to assess the patency of blood vessels. ECG and ultrasound of the heart. The development of heart failure can provoke a deterioration in cerebral circulation.

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Features of the treatment of arachnoid cysts. Frozen formations: arachnoid cyst of the left temporal lobe, cyst of the hippocampus, posterior cranial fossa, base of Zyloprim pills, cerebellum do not require treatment, do not cause pain. However, patients need to determine the underlying causes in order to prevent the development of new formations.